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Gellis Obrasky is an international boutique corporate law firm, introducing the highest level of American and European legal standards to markets in Israel and abroad.

In 2008 Jossy Gellis and Samuel Obrasky immigrated from Zurich and New York to Tel Aviv. They were considered by colleagues and friends to be courageous for leaving top-tier international firms. Nevertheless, the two were determined to set the futures of their families in the State of Israel (Aliyah).

Israel is a melting pot of many cultures - an interesting mix of east and west. Israelis are extremely entrepreneurial, creative, well-educated, and possess advanced leadership skills gained during the mandatory military service. These factors produce a vibrant business scene. Yet Israel is greatly influenced by its geographical location and leaves much to be desired in terms of business practices and professional conduct.

From the outset, Samuel and Jossy resolved to emulate the fine practices of their previous firms in the United States and Switzerland, and to take an uncompromising stance with respect to high legal standards, personnel compensation and moral integrity. Gellis Obrasky currently represents European, American and Israeli multinational companies, institutional entities, start-ups, investment funds and high-net-worth individuals.

International boutique corporate law firm. Bringing the highest legal standards from the USA and Europe to markets in Israel and abroad.

Gellis Obrasky is an international boutique corporate law firm, focusing on the practice areas of private equity, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), cross-border tax structuring and planning, international real estate transactions, banking and finance, investment funds, general corporate, commercial and regulatory matters and inheritance and estate matters.

גליס אוברסקי הוא משרד בוטיק אשר מתמחה בדיני מסחר חוצי גבולות וכן במתן חוות דעת דין זר בדין האמריקאי, השוויצרי, הגרמני והאוסטרי. בין היתר מתמחה המשרד בהון-סיכון, מיזוגים ורכישות, תכנון מס, עסקאות נדל"ן, בנקאות ופיננסים, קרנות, וירושות. המשרד הוקם על ידי יוסי גליס, מומחה בדין השוויצרי, האוסטרי הגרמני והישראלי ושמואל אוברסקי, מומחה בדין האמריקאי והישראלי.

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